This dude positive may seem like a weasel

This dude positive may seem like a weasel

I don’t know, maybe i am are paranoid relating to this nonetheless it pretty sure appears like it may be a possiblity

Perhaps he was wanting to piggyback on that aˆ?big controversyaˆ? once the cam dedicated to the woman during Miranda Lambert’s honor acceptance address.

Get the popular, however rather controversial latest musician to check out absurd things to explore. Oooo, she failed to laugh in the correct time! Exactly how terrible! Oh no, she stated aˆ?helloaˆ? in the wrong way, that’s terrible! She don’t sound aˆ?thankfulaˆ? adequate, run the girl out of town!!

Okay, Really Don’t self Bobby Limbs. Really don’t believe he belongs on country radio and I also think that clear-channel is exactly what was incorrect together with the songs companies. But I constantly thought he was an entertaining guy. Maybe not stating I am able to even tune in to him that much because i can not stand one song they perform. (más…)

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