How to build a romance Considering Interdependence

How to build a romance Considering Interdependence

We all worthy of exposure to others, especially in our very own close relationship. In fact, our company is wired to own connection and it also allows us to create bonds and you may closeness with the companion. The success of a lot of time-identity dating depends heavily into quality of our very own psychological partnership together.

When we remember the ideal matchmaking we often contemplate a stunning, intimate, lifelong relationship with all of our important individual. How can we build that sort of relationship? You to cozy, secure, long-term thread that have a person who we know keeps the right back for the fresh lasting? A relationship providing you with united states the newest versatility getting our selves, you to definitely helps our development and you may lets us features autonomy with one another?

What’s Interdependence?

Interdependence (or interdependency) signifies that people recognize and cost the necessity of this new mental thread it share while keeping a solid sense of care about within the partnership active.

A keen interdependent people comprehends the value of susceptability, to be able to consider their lover when you look at the significant an approach to perform emotional closeness. Nonetheless they worth a sense of self which allows him or her and you may their spouse becoming by themselves without any need certainly to compromise whom they are or their thinking system.

Getting dependent on another person is voice scary otherwise unhealthy. Growing up, we are will educated an overhead-exorbitant value of freedom, to get somewhat notice-contains, with high well worth placed on maybe not wanting other people having psychological support. (más…)

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